I teach investing. My role as an educator was somewhat of an accident, or rather, chosen for me. My very first course was Zero to Investor, which is all about how to find, analyze and buy profitable stocks. It was actually not something I planned to create…I was asked by my future students to make it!

After I got to know my students, I realized that my job was not only to educate on the how, but roll all the way back to the why and instill in people the confidence to trust that they have the ability to change their lives!

What I work my little heart out on, day in and day out, is this: so that with the right mindset and determination, eventually, everyone who wants to will have the power to live life on their own terms.

When you rely on just your job, or just your pension, or just your social security, you’re giving someone else the power to dictate whether you eat or keep your lights on. What they provide may be there when you need it. Whether it is or not, however, is not in your control.

On the other hand, when you build for yourself, you’re in control. No one will be devastating you financially by laying you off or cutting your benefits when you’ve built yourself a sizable stock portfolio and own a few rental homes and maybe have a laundromat generating income for you every month. Social security can be cut, your company could go bankrupt, the stock market could even tank–you’re going to be just fine. There isn’t much taking you out once you have assets all your own and you understood how to acquire them correctly.

In the business world, when 2 parties sit down to negotiate, the party with the most to lose will settle for the least. That’s what Americans have been doing for some time now when it comes to job security, wages, health care, retirement benefits, and other protections from decades past that helped create and protect the middle class.

The old ways of getting a job, buying a house, living comfortably on a single income so one parent could be home raising children, organic career advancement, retiring with a pension, selling the family home at a nice profit are all but gone for many people.

The reality for many families is staggering student loan debt, a degree no one is interested in, high competition for jobs they’re overqualified for, wages that have not kept up with inflation, a cost of living that requires two earners, astronomical child care costs, the responsibility of funding their own retirement only for their wealth to be eaten alive in fees, and a home they’re lucky to break even on when they sell in retirement, after they’ve taken into account inflation and taxes, insurance, maintenance, repairs, etc.

There’s another way, though, and it’s not anything you’re going to learn in school.

Anyone can learn how to make their money work and create the life they want for themselves.

That’s what we’re doing here. Taking control. We’re taking control of of our money, our environment, and our lives. Money talks. We need to put ourselves in the position to have a voice.

Wondering where to start? Learn the basics of investing and how to optimize what you’re already doing in Retire Wealthy!

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