What is Bottom Up Wealth?

Bottom Up Wealth is about so much more than money. The courses offered here are about EMPOWERMENT.

The financial industry is set up for you to let someone take a cut of your money, and not help YOU understand what’s happening to it. When you understand how money grows, you can own your future and end up with a fortune that would otherwise be paid to Wall Street.

The mission of Bottom Up Wealth and the founder, Alanya Kolberg, is to empower those who want the tools to own their financial life!

What is The Wealth Creation Project?

The Wealth Creation Project is the FREE, brand new members-only area of Bottom Up Wealth that has been designed to be easy to use and house all the new wealth building resources. All the best wealth building tools can be found inside The Wealth Creation Project.

You’ll get a free subscription to The Wealth Creation Project when you register for the FREE class, The 7 Streams of Income!

What courses are offered?

There are currently 3 courses offered through Bottom Up Wealth.

Retire Wealthy is a basic investment course that will teach you how money grows, how different types of investments make money, and how to make the most of the most common place people invest–their workplace plan! Learn how to keep hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees and taxes that you didn’t even realize you signed up for. Learn more

Income Max is all about maximizing your cash flow! This course covers how to keep more throughout the year, how to maximize your deductions if you’re a business owner or 1099 employee, and how to turn your side hustle into a legitimate business so you can reap the tax benefits (I bet it’s not as difficult as you think!) Learn more

Zero to Investor is the hugely popular stock investing course that teaches you how to find, analyze and buy profitable stocks that will be paying you and your family for years to come! This class is very in-depth and comprehensive. When you’re finished, you’ll be an actual stock investor! Learn more

Which course should I start with?

My recommendation is to start with Retire Wealthy, then move to Zero to Investor. Retire Wealthy will give you the foundation you need to fully understand Zero to Investor. Income Max is an excellent starter course that can be taken before or after either of these.

Is there a monthly charge for courses?

For all current courses at Bottom Up Wealth, there is a one-time registration fee, which gives you unlimited access to class. There is no ongoing fee.

When does my registration expire?

Your registration does not expire, so you can go back to review as needed!

What times/dates are classes held?

Classes are 100% online and work at your own pace. Sometimes there will be live Q&A sessions or group learning in which you will have the option to participate. Dates and times will be announced beforehand!

I never got an email.

Please search alanya@bottomupwealth.com in your email search bar. Then be sure to add my email address to your contacts, so your email filter doesn’t send me to spam!

Will you tell me which investments to buy?

My passion lies with empowering you to control your own financial future, and the financial future of generations to come. That can only come from learning these concepts yourself.

In short: no. Rather than giving you a fish, I teach you how to fish!

If I take a class, does that mean I don’t need an attorney/accountant/financial advisor?

What you learn through Bottom Up Wealth is not to be confused with or intended to be a substitute for professional legal, tax or investment advice. You can read more in the disclaimer.

Some students choose to take the management of investments into their own hands, once they feel educated enough to do so. Others may have situations that are better handled by a professional. Everyone has different needs!

However, even if, or maybe especially if you’ve hired a professional, it’s important to have a basic knowledge of what you’re paying them to do. They should be making or saving you more than their cost. Otherwise, you could be throwing money down the drain!

I’m having trouble logging into my classes.

Usually, this is an easy fix! It’s likely you’re clicking in the wrong spot. Check out this short video that shows you how to navigate your student dashboard!

If you still have issues, please submit an email here.

Can I share my login with others?

Wealth building is a family project, and you’re more successful with support!

Your course login can be shared with your immediate family (your spouse, your children that live in your house).

Your course login is NOT for your friends, your cousin, your neighbor, or anyone who does not live in your household. If it’s shared with others, your access will be permanently restricted.

How can I schedule a one-on-one consultation?

Bottom Up Wealth is not an investment adviser and does not offer individualized services. By providing digital resources that many can benefit from, I am able to keep course prices very affordable so that all can learn how to create wealth. Read more about what Bottom Up Wealth is and is not in the disclaimer and some background on why Bottom Up Wealth was created here.

When you register for Zero to Investor or Retire Wealthy, you will be sent an invitation to the exclusive student study group, where you can get answers to your class questions!

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