Bottom Up Wealth currently offers 4 courses to help you learn how to grow your money intelligently!

Because of extremely high demand, 3 of the 4 courses are currently offered by invitation only on a regular basis, with enrollment opening to all only a couple times a year.
Invitations to classes
Invitations are sent via email as space allows. Generally, your spot in class(es) will be reserved for you to register for 48 hours. After your invitation expires, you will have to wait for open enrollment, or another exclusive invitation.

Once you’re enrolled in any course, your access does not expire, and you can work through it at your own pace! You only have to register once for any course!

It’s recommended that you check your emails from frequently, so you don’t miss your exclusive invitation!
Build until your job is the side hustle

START HERE! The 7 Streams of Income is a FREE short course, designed JUST for you if you're brand new to learning how to grow your money! Learn how I hustled my way from food stamps to 6 figures, and a whole lot more!
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What Wall Street doesn't want you to know

Plot twist: This class is not about being a wealthy senior citizen, but about understanding what it takes to achieve financial freedom...maybe sooner than you ever imagined. Retire Wealthy is recommended before taking Zero to Investor.
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Stock investing for the absolute beginner

By far the most in demand course at Bottom Up Wealth! Zero to investor teaches you how to intelligently find, analyze, buy and maximize stocks to build wealth while you sleep!
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Pay taxes like the wealthy
Income Max is all about maximizing your cash flow! Learn how to keep more and pay less to Uncle Sam properly, so you can maximize every coin.
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Our platform

All courses at Bottom Up Wealth are housed in The Wealth Creation Project, our online membership platform.
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