Did you know you can create thousands or even millions of dollars out of thin air by investing in high quality stocks?

With the right strategy, when you invest in stocks this way, it requires little money, minimizes your risk and can produce huge returns!

Since it requires knowledge, effort, dedication, discipline, and above all else, patience to invest in stocks intelligently, few take the initiative to make their money work this way.

Understanding how money grows

Let’s start with some investing basics.

Assets make money while you’re sleeping or enjoying your family so that one day, you can stop working.

Wealth is created by collecting assets until you’re generating enough passive income to live on.

3 best ways to build wealth are (in my humble opinion):


Real estate


What are stocks?

Stocks are little pieces of businesses.

You buy stocks and become an owner in the business.

You’re entitled to the profits of these big businesses when you become a shareholder.

Stocks are the perfect place for beginners to start building wealth.


Historically stock investments have provided the highest and most stable returns of any other asset class, including real estate, precious metals, and others.

When you add in years of compounded returns, the amount of money that can be made in long term stock investing becomes staggering.

Stocks don’t discriminate. When you become a shareholder of a company, that company does not know or care what your net worth, credit score, education, level of experience, appearance, age, race or gender is.

You can even start your kids investing early and set them for life down the road.

Stock investing is the path of least resistance to financial freedom. Stocks have few barriers for a regular person to get started, besides education. Anyone can buy stocks with relatively little money.

Investing in stocks carries much less risk than people believe. The risk when you invest in stocks is significant if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You can grow a huge stream of reliable income with relatively little money by investing early and often in stocks, if you build your stock portfolio intelligently and consistently.

Read more about why stock investing is a great place for a beginner in 14 reasons to buy stocks.

How do stocks make you money?

Capital appreciation

Most people understand the notion of “Buy low, sell high”. This is in reference to capital appreciation.

Many people are familiar with trading.

You can buy a stock for $50, hope it rises in price, then sell it for $100.


Most people don’t realize that many stocks pay you just for owning them. These payments are called dividends and many of them are so reliable you can set your watch by these payments.

This also means that you can keep the stocks you invested in (rather than selling them), continue to let them grow, and still enjoy the income stream you’ve created.

In fact, people who start early and invest in stocks intelligently can simply live off these dividend payments, and never have to sell their stocks. I tell my students that the ability to live off dividends someday when you invest in stocks is the holy grail of investing!

No one can see the future when it comes to investing in stocks that can make you rich.

However, what I teach is how to invest intelligently by conducting the proper research on your stocks, so you can know that you’re buying stocks with an excellent chance of creating wealth for you while you’re working, while you’re spending time with loved ones, and while you’re sleeping.

Most people don’t know how to analyze the quality or price of the stocks before they invest, and end up losing money.

This is why the stock market has gotten the reputation of being risky.

Don’t make the common stock investing mistakes!

Bottom Up Wealth was created so that even a beginner starting small can build wealth intelligently, with minimal risk.

We do not encourage taking blind, irresponsible risk. In fact, Bottom Up Wealth was created to keep this from happening to you!

Uneducated investing will (probably) cost you money.

For example, say you saw me mention on social media that I own Super Corp.

Since you know I’m a pretty good stock investor, you decide you can’t go wrong. You grab somebody’s Robin Hood link and buy 5 shares of Super Corp stock for $100 each.

You get a dividend from Super Corp. You’re really excited. You let your cash dividend sit in your Robin Hood account.

You look at your account 3 months later and see that Super Corp is $70 a share. You’ve lost $150. You sell in a panic, locking in your losses.

Here’s what you didn’t know about buying this stock:

That $100 was way too much to pay for Super Corp and nearly guaranteed a loss at some point.

That Super Corp isn’t actually in trouble as a company, it’s P/E simply compressed and now it’s fairly valued a $70.

That I researched Super Corp to discover the fair value of it 4 years ago, and bought my shares for $47 each, giving myself a big margin of safety.

That my margin of safety means even after the price falls from $100 to $70, I still have a 33% gain.

That my goals for Super Corp did not even include include capital appreciation, and that it’s not an appropriate investment if capital appreciation is your goal.

That your 1.2% dividend yield looks tiny and not worth your paper loss, but my yield on cost is 4.6% and growing every quarter.

That Super Corp is a REIT, and you’re going to pay regular income tax on the dividend you received in your taxable Robin Hood account.

That my Super Corp shares are in my Roth IRA, so I don’t owe tax on my dividends and my dividends were reinvested to get me more shares at a lower price, which turbocharges my return.

That I also saw the drop in price, did my research, and bought up your 10 shares that you took a loss on.

Now, that’s you buying a company I own, which was well researched.

Imagine if you saw a stranger post what company she owns and not me, and you bought a company that she didn’t even research.

You are playing with your money, my friend.

When it comes to investing in stocks or anything else, it’s always worth learning to do it the right way.

There is a lot to understand before you commit to a stock purchase.

This is what Zero to Investor is all about!

In order to keep from lighting your money in fire, before you invest in stocks, you have to understand:

The company you’re buying and the depths of it’s operations

How to analyze the company’s financial health

How to find a fair price for the company’s shares

How to minimize fees and taxes

Your own goals for your investment

How to manage your performance expectations

A few years back, I made it my mission to help people understand how to invest in stocks intelligently: how to reduce their risk and harness the power of time to change their entire financial future.

Zero to Investor was born.

What is Zero to Investor?

Zero to Investor is the online stock investing course offered by Bottom Up Wealth that teaches you, step by step, how to analyze and purchase shares of stock that can change your family’s future.

This course is work at your own pace. Your registration does not expire. You have access to an exclusive Facebook community where you can ask questions, share your success, and get support from other new and graduated students. Read more about the courses at Bottom Up Wealth in our FAQ.

Zero to Investor was created with a goal in mind.

Take a completely clueless person from knowing nothing about investing stocks all the way to being able to buy their first share of stock.

More important than just buying that stock, though, is UNDERSTANDING what you’re doing with your money and how to make it grow, so you can continue building for yourself long after you’ve completed the class.

More than just buying stocks, Zero to Investor  is about EMPOWERMENT.

Stocks are just the beginning, just ONE method to build an empire.

Now more than ever, it’s so important that we build a future for ourselves away from our employers, away from the government, and away from traditional financial services.

These entities are all about their own bottom line…your bottom line, they couldn’t care less about. That’s where I come in.

My passion lies with empowering you to break your cycle of paycheck to paycheck. I want to show you that you CAN do this.

I started just where you might be–broke, confused, overwhelmed with information, and afraid of making mistakes…but determined to create better for myself and my child.

I want you to be good at this. I want you to be successful. I want you to have an upper hand on everyone else out there.

I know you can create the future you deserve. I get so excited when I see my students hungry for more information and dying to take it to the next level.

There are no investing tips I can give you that are more valuable than that drive to succeed.

If you’re a woman, this class was made for YOU. If you’re a minority, this class was made for YOU. I’m married to a white guy who grew up in a trailer park on food stamps. This class is for people like him too.

This class was created for anyone who was not given these tools as a way of life. These skills can and should be learned by everyone.

This class is about shifting the direction of your future. It’s about shifting your focus from employee/ consumer to builder. That’s what we have to do when we’re building from the bottom up.

Once you unravel it all, it is not difficult to build real, generational wealth when you invest in stocks, but it does require effort and dedication to do it right, which is why most Americans either think investing is risky or they don’t own stocks at all.

This is why Bottom Up Wealth was created: to simplify the intimidating concepts before you begin to invest in stocks so you have the power to grow your money intelligently with less risk!

Don’t traumatize yourself off the bat. Invest the effort into buying stocks the RIGHT way.

You’ll thank me in a decade or two!

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