#1: Stocks are statistically the best place for your money.

Historically stock investments have provided the highest and most stable returns of any other asset class, including real estate, precious metals, and others. When you add in years of compounded returns, the amount of money that can be made becomes staggering:

#2 Stocks are easy to get into.

Stock investing is the path of least resistance to financial freedom. Stocks have a low barrier to entry. You don’t need to already be wealthy to own them. They are the perfect place for a beginner to start building wealth. No need to save up, raise money or take out a loan to begin collecting shares of stock that generate profits. You can become very wealthy with little money if you have enough time to let your stock investments build and grow.

#3 Stocks aren’t haters.

Stocks don’t discriminate. When you become a shareholder of a company, that company does not know or care what your net worth, credit score, education, level of experience, appearance, age, race or gender is. This can rarely be said for any other type of relationship we create in our lives, business or otherwise. You can even create substantial wealth for your children with very little money.

#4 Stocks are flexible.

If a company you own as a shareholder no longer has a business model that aligns with your goals, your can quickly sell your stake in the company and find another company that suits your needs or take your profits in cash immediately, unlike with physical businesses or real estate. You can be stuck with the latter for months or years until you find a buyer. On the flip side, there are almost always buyers waiting to buy your shares of stock, if you own the right ones.

#5 Stocks are a launching pad.

Once you understand the basics of stock investing, other types of assets like businesses and real estate become very easy to understand. You can also use profits from stock investments to fund other types of investments.

#6 Stocks can be low maintenance.

Stocks require little work. Being a shareholder requires less maintenance than other investment classes. With real estate or physical businesses, you may have employees to manage or repairs to make. High-quality stock investments are much more self-sufficient and, when purchased correctly, can even be left alone for years and be just as profitable as if you checked them daily.

#7 Stocks have low costs.

Stock investing is cheap. Unless you opt to buy funds instead of individual companies (which can still be cheap if you buy the right ones), you pay no ongoing fees to own them. The ongoing fees found in your 401k or other investment vehicles can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime.

#8 Stock investing is what you want it to be.

You have the freedom to choose the type of investing style that aligns with your life and goals.You can choose to be be an active investor or take a more passive approach. You can invest for large paydays when you sell or invest for recurring income. There are plenty of ways to be profitable with stock assets.

#9 The government rewards investors.

Stock investment income is taxed at a much lower rate than regular wages, and can even grow tax free in the right account.

#10 Stocks don’t require a huge commitment.

Stocks are flexible. If a company you own as a shareholder no longer has a business model that aligns with your goals, your can quickly sell your stake in the company and find another company that suits your needs.

#11 Stocks are easily diversified.

You don’t have to be “all in” with stocks. You can buy a little of this company and a little of that one. With larger, more illiquid investments, you may have to tie all your money up into one investment at a time.

#12 You don’t need luck to make money.

Making money as a shareholder of a company has little to do with luck and everything to do with research and strategy, which will be learned in Zero to Investor.

#13 You can minimize your risk.

The bulk of the risks that most investors take when buying stocks can be minimized with the right tools, information and mindset.
The catch when you invest in stocks is:

You have to invest intelligently. Buying whatever, whenever is a great way to make other investors lots of money. You, not so much.
You have to invest early. The time to start is now.

#14: I will teach you how to buy stocks.

Stock investing boils down to 2 questions:
How profitable is this company?
How much do I have to pay to own some of those profits?

The rest is just details, and a matter of goals, strategy and preference.

I started small and nervous, the way you may be starting. I made lots of mistakes by reading too much information and trying to employ every strategy instead of focusing on my goals. In Zero to Investor, I’ll teach you the things that matter and I won’t waste your time on what doesn’t.

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