I know I’m not the only one who had to begin adulthood without an inheritance. To be honest most of us didn’t inherit solid money sense or an understanding of how money works. Now that I’m a single mom of a ten-year-old there are things that still baffle me about money.

In my home, there is always this face-off between whether a purchase is an actual “need” or “want”. I have given my best effort to include my son in money matters by having open discussions about the monthly budget. I even bought him a money kit for kids on the benefits of saving cash to purchase things vs. using debt to purchase things. There were even these cute little money pouches as a part of the kit for savings, spending, and giving. There was not a single mention of investing…weird!?

It wasn’t until I stumbled across this investing fireball by the name of Alanya Kolberg that my passion for the stock market was re-ignited! She literally was the jumper cables needed to get me out of the fear of investing. I found myself all up in her business along with a few others until she eventually created an e-course for “stock-thirsty” women who had sort of lost their way.

During this time, I was jabbering all about the stock market, my goals and how this time was going to be different! I knew I could learn how to invest. The great thing about this is that my son has some understanding about investing from books and general stock market jargon from our talks about being financially solid.

As is the standard for us, we were commuting home from a long day. I was super excited because I had just completed the Zero to Investor e-Course and I made Ace (my son’s nickname) a promise that he would be an investor at the tender age of ten. I told him to really think about companies that we and others we know use every day. Within minutes he said, “Mom I want to buy Coke because people are never going to stop drinking it.” Note: my son has never had a Coke personally, but he understands his environment!

From that moment, I realized that as the saying goes, he (and most children) does pay more attention than I think or give him credit for. This teachable moment made me so proud, y’all…even a ten-year-old can understand stock investing! If I had $5 dollars for the countless months I wish someone would have invested in stocks for me in an investment account I could proudly hold the title “Millionaire”, easy.

I challenge you to empower your child(ren) to learn how to collect assets-stocks and buy a “Coke” or whatever it is they or someone they know enjoys! Talk with them and involve them in the process. Start today! I suggest Zero to Investor as my personal favorite stock course.

Are your children already investors or are you thinking about getting started? Be sure to share below!

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Khaliah is a student/contributor to Bottom Up Wealth, investor, lifestyle blogger, and mother to an amazing boy.  When she’s not “mommying so hard” you can find her trying new foods with her honey, dancing to trap music, whipping up fresh smoothies and managing her stock portfolios. She is passionate about helping other moms live their best lives! Khaliah’s extremely passionate about wellness, self care, and motherhood. Intrigued? Check her out at BabyBeBetter.com

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